Saturday, 24 September 2011

Storybook Skirt...

This week has been Quel Nightmare when relating to sewing. I've been poorly all week and thought it would be time to get on with my UFO's but that never happened. Then came the disaster with the Beignet...

I started working on my green Simplicity 2151. and its actually a lovely pattern! The fit is looking great so far and i've had very little trouble with it. I just need to do the buttonholes and hem. Hopefully I can do most of that before the end of the weekend and have a new shirt to wear! But talking of new garments whats that you see at the top of the screen?

Thanks to Piemaker's consistent playing of the new Gear of War game. I've had enough time this evening to finish a skirt for Colette Fall Palette! Hoorayy! (God knows I needed it after Beignet catastrophe.)
I think I'm in love with this skirt. I've called it the Storybook skirt and its made from New Look 6981. It was so easy to make and is from Anna Marie Horner Quilting cotton in two different colourways!

I have to give the inspiration credit to Patty from Snug Bug. She seems to have the ability to put the most beautiful patterns together and mix them. I'm not quite so brave. I tried a plain mustard band but it didn't have the pop that I wanted. The abstract trees make me think of fairytales and so thats where the name came from!
This means I've at got 6 of the Fall Challenge items either on the go or finished from the list. With 6 more to go!
Apologies for the night photos but I was just too exited! Hope your having a good sewing week!


  1. Yowza, that's some serious productivity! Love those patterns together :)

  2. It's gorgeous! I love the fabric mix. Great choices.

  3. I think I am also in love with this skirt, it's a stunner!

  4. i love your skirt! it's beautiful.

  5. great skirt Stevie, love the pattern mix, hooray! I am v jealous. I have made one item for my Fall Challenge......

  6. Ooh, that skirt is super cute! I love the contrast band!


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