Thursday, 3 November 2011

Girl Crush... Kirstie Allsopp

I know I've already devoted at least 2 posts to her but I can't help it! (Here and Here)
I pretty much idolise Kirstie Allsopp!

I'm so glad her new series is on at the moment and I get to ooooh at the lovely dresses she wears. Her style is so feminine and relaxed! With pretty shirt dresses and wrap dresses, often with a vintage slip underneath. Perfect for any busy lady!

I think the more I contemplate my goal weight the more I want to emulate her. (She's a UK 14 bottom and 12 top. So I'm not too far off.) I don't think its sustainable for me to get down to an 8 or 10 and feel miserable at trying to maintain it. I just want to feel happy and healthy.
Kirstie also has similar opinions about family and homemaking (Crafting) as I do and I find that really refreshing!
Her manners are always spot on and she knows what she wants. She gets things done without being rude and always seems to be having a great deal of fun.

So if you were going to sew a wardrobe with her as your inspiration where would you go?
Heres a few patterns I am going to get my mitts on for that elegant casual style!
First starting with the forever useful shirt dress
I have this McCalls and I am itching to use it! A plain shirtdress is something I imagine in definitely in Kirstie's wardrobe!
This Vogue one is also on my to do list! I haven't seen more than a couple of people make it but Its such a fabulous style!
Shifts are also so easy to make, comfy to wear and if you make them in a luxe fabric look amazing!
This pattern is one I used for my Every Cloud dress and I adore it! So fast to sew up and so effective!
Now to the quintessential Kirstie outfit. The wrap dress! I am definitely intending to make a few of these!
I adore the pleating on this and have seen some lovely versions!
With this Maggie London one, I'm not sure about the hip gathers but its such a cute dress I have to try it out. Maybe in a lined chiffon?
I have this on order! Butterick 5030 is so versatile you could make one every season and it would still find a gap to fill!

Finally this Rebecca Taylor Vogue 1189. Isn't it fabulous? I really like the relaxed look of this dress. Even with leggings this would look stylish! I also think its the most similar to that first dress of Kirstie's at the top of this post.
Lets put it this way. Kirstie Allsopp, you are one stylish lady!


  1. I really have to agree with you on this one, she is so stylish. She just wears what looks good on her and doesn't care what others think or if it's a really wild fabric. I reckon she always looks fab and always wears dresses and skirts. She is so feminine. Have you ever seen her wear trousers?? Wellies and skirts are brilliant together!

    As for your patterns above... that Vogue one (second one down) is so elegant, simple and stylish. Love it.

  2. I also share your Kirstie Allsopp girl crush! I have one of her crafty books, so many hints and tips on how to homemake like Kirstie :) I have the current series taped but not got around to watching any of it yet...that's something to look forward to! I very much admire her style and you have picked out a lot of lovely patterns here. I really like shirt dresses but have not ventured into that territory yet with my have given me a lot to think about!

  3. I love Kirstie Allsop too! I even went into real etsate a few years back in my question to be her, but then realized I hated it. I look forward to seeing your Allsopesque come together :)

  4. I love her accessories too - I even bought a ginormous costume jewellery ring just like hers!


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