Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Week of My Life...

This has been pretty much an uneventful week. I'm quite unwell and have been for quite a few weeks now. My sewing machine is broken and I have to embark on quite a few tests in the near future. So I thought it would be good to do a little snapshot of my week so far...
My teaset finally got used when my Mumatron came to stay and look after me.
This has a little backstory...

My grandmother has one teacup and saucer in this print that I always loved. She bought it in the 1950's in Scarborough.
Years later I wandered around a car boot and a stall had an entire teaset of this pattern. It was complete with cake plate and milk jug but it was missing one single cup and saucer!
I bought it and its so special to me! Knowing I completed that set completely out of luck!
I have been using it to try and cheer me up this week.

Its not been working. I've been in a bit of pain and trying out various tablets, but on the positive side its giving me time to start padstitching my Lady Grey coat. Its actually much easier and more relaxing than I anticipated.
The last snapshot of my week is what arrived at my front door today. I'd bought a couple of bits from a little while ago.

This was planned for Sew Weekly's Orange week but it took to long to come. This is a Wool Mix I'd planned to make into a dress. However I think it might lend itself better to a skirt or jacket.
The second fabric was a yummy Blue Garbadine. I thought about using this for my Lady Grey muslin but I also have a couple more jacket patterns. I can't really see this as anything like a dress or skirt. Any idea's?


  1. I love stories like how your teaset found you! It's gorgeous, and I feel like it's so nice to be able to reflect on the serendipity when you use it. I have my Nana's Jewel T set, and it symbolizes her to me, as well as being a great symbol of where my love of certain colors and eras comes from.

    Speaking of colors, loooove that delicious orange wool! Too bad you've already made several Beignets, because the juiciness of that wool reminds me of the hot pink one Patty posted this week! It'd be so excellent in orange...

  2. Your tea set story is wonderful! Serendipity is lovely sometimes... :)


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