Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cherry Picked Blouse...

 Another reveal! This is a cherry print chiffon version of Simplicity 2936.
This was meant to be in my Colette spring challenge! I finally finished it.
I'm not hugely keen on the final thing, loose flowing things aren't really my style but I think if I took it in a bit more it could be a cute enough blouse. Its my favourite shade of mustard so it will go with a lot of stuff already in my wardrobe.
Unfortunately it was a pain to put together. The fabric slipped and so i cut the collar too short which meant I had to make the round neckline into a V.
I have cut out another tank top style in this fabric but I think I'll leave it a while before I sew with it again.
Overall I don't hate it and with a couple adjustments I suspect it will be a useful wearable piece!


  1. That's lovely fabric, I think the blouse is far nicer than you are giving it credit for!

  2. Very pretty! I really like the billowy sleeves.

  3. Your blouse looks lovely, unfortunate that I can't see the lovely cherry print that you've mentioned!

  4. fwiw, I like your blouse, blousiness and all. If you took it in, it might look both flowy AND fitted, it might lose a little of its charm... Just my $.02. :)

    Such a gorgeous color on you. And I love how you "went with it" and made a v-neck... It's always important to roll with the punches!


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