Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wearable Muslin: Petal Dress

This is Vogue 8631. I decided on this pattern to use for my Fancy Moon fabric, Remember the draping here? I've had this pattern for ages and have been desperate to try it. The pattern is rated Easy and I didn't quite believe them.
However it really was easy. This dress went together in a day and then it was hemmed up last night.
Its made from a flimsy poly cotton I had lying about the stash. I have lots of plain block colours of poly but they make nice shirts and muslins.

So, the dress.
Overall I like it, the cotton isn't see through which I expected it to be, but I still had fit issues with the shoulders (When don't I?) My narrow shoulders made the front wrap droop and not fit neatly over my boobs so I tried to get Piemaker to pin a wedge from my neck, tapering out but he didn't quite get what I meant so I had to kind of botch it myself.

I trimmed about 1.5inch off tapering in like a dart but I took a touch too much off and it feels a tiny bit tight. Although now the dress is finished it doesn't feel as bad as I thought it would. This is a loose fitting dress. I think I would be brave enough to cut a size down for the next one. Also this dress was a nightmare to hem, one super long seam, curvy in some places and not in others! You need serious patience.

Adele, my body double needs slimming down. This dress just fits her whereas on me its a little big in places (Hoorahh!)
I think this dress will be nice to pop on in the summer and I think it would be good if we went on holiday as a beach wrap (It only fastens with two hook and eyes). The pleats don't stay too well and I think I might tack them down on the final dress as the material is a fine lawn.
One last parting shot...


  1. Great dress! And fabulous fit... I love it when muslins are wearable!

  2. The color is really nice. I've always wanted to try that pattern too, but worried the closures wouldn't be enough.

  3. That's cute! Hemming it is definitely easier with the bias tape :)

  4. The dress looks lovely on you and what a great colour!

  5. It looks great - definitely worth the time to make adjustments. And the colour suits you so well! You can put that one on your list of colours to work with.

    Can't wait to see the non-muslin version.

  6. I love it! So flattering and pretty.

  7. Vintage dresses are enduringly popular for a very good reason. The classic cuts and elegant silhouettes of vintage dresses have stood the test of time, flattering our figures decade after decade.

  8. That is a pretty pattern for sure!

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