Monday, 8 April 2013

On The Seamless Pledge...

Its been almost a year and I've not spoken a lot about how I'd fared in this challenge.
On a personal level, since May last year I've not been able to find a contracted job that would allow me a Tuesday off and have been surviving on a bank work job on a "as required" basis. When starting my MA this seemed like a good idea but work can be erratic and with the house sucking up money we've struggled.
So in actuality I've not had any spare income to indulge in any retail therapy anyway. That being said, with the weightloss I'm left wearing a lot of clothing that is too large for me and I've been wearing it out of necessity. At Christmas I asked for a few items of clothing and they have pretty much sustained me through the winter.

I said that I wouldn't count shoes, tights underwear and socks and I think I should have included leggings into that group. They are a basic in my wardrobe and I seem to wear through them fast. I have purchased 3 pairs of leggings and I need to replace all three. I still haven't mastered trousers so I purchased one pair of jeans and the grey and yellow top (from my moss skirt photos) in the M&S sale (I'd been stalking it for months and its become very worn!)
So although I said no purchases I've bought 5 items but only two if you count leggings as underwear/tights which I do!

Other than the aforementioned offenders there have been no other purchases except slippers. I've also had a good go at clearing out my wardrobe but this meant tossing out a huge chunk of Me Mades that don't fit.
Overall I'm pleased with how i've done but my sewing took a huge dive last year and I desperately need to replace stuff. Co-incidentally I've noted a real change in my style this year. I think this will come across in Me Made May. The vintage style I used to covet so much has taken a back seat as its just not practical enough for day to day life. As a dress historian, I'd like to think i'll revisit these elements in various projects later on but I don't think i'll be making more dresses than separates anytime soon. Its quite nice that the end of my seamless pledge will be overlapping with the start of Me Made May so I can really test the pieces I've made and contemplate the holes that need filling.
Have you ever thought about the Seamless Pledge?

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