Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

I know everyone is jumping on it but I was so excited last Tuesday about "The Great British Sewing Bee," I was running around in circles like a little puppy much to Piemaker's distain. I sat down with what can only be described as a bowl of tea and proceeded to gasp, groan and generally chunter all the way through. I genuinely like all the contestants and they all seemed to work hard throughout the challenges.
So here's what I think. I love that sewing has finally come to be seen as popular enough to put on TV, I'm also glad it wasn't full of one kind of person all ages and sexes and the choices of fabric the contestants have is pretty fantastic.
I think that the judges are fair and to be honest I have a serious crush on Patrick Grant. I can't help it!
I'm a bit sad its only a four part series but I guess they are testing the water. Although lots of people commented on the men having to make a skirt in the first challenge, I didn't think that was too much of a problem. They were testing their ability to construct a garment and follow a pattern. Its no different to having a "Bread Week" or "Macaroon Week" on the bake off. Sometimes one week is going to be a stronger one than others. I can't wait to see next weeks.
In other news Piemaker is currently ceremoniously tearing out an ancient wall heater marking the beginning of my Sewing Room Makeover! So excited! I will be tweeting lots of pics as we go along.

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