Friday, 8 November 2013

Completed: Lady Skater Part One...

Phew finally I can reveal a few of the projects i've been working on recently! Its really dark here in the evenings so Piemaker and I were waiting for a bright day, sadly it never came and I got sick of waiting. So here is the first thing in my Fall Essential's Sewalong. The Lady Skater dress in a purple ponte. I made this way too long then ended up cutting it way too short. I know i'm going to have to make some serious changes before I make this again. I can only wear this with lovely warm leggings as it doesn't always cover my bum.
First things first, this ponte didn't stretch much on the cross grain so I ended up with this weird ripply neckline. I don't mind too much but an FBA is much needed if you look at the drags under the arms. 
I took the waist up about two inches but it could really do with going up at least another inch, then there is the back!
It is way too big for me here, if I could put the excess from the back onto the front we would be ok!
This is not the stunning manifestation i've been seeing on other people's blogs but i'm calling this a muslin. I think it could be a seriously awesome dress with a few major adjustments. I'm chalking it down to experience.
Stats today are:
Fabric: CHEAP Ponte from Fabricland £6.00
Notions: Thread From Stash
Total: £6.00
Wearability: 3/10 I doubt I'll wear it in its current version but It looks ok under a coat when walking the dog.

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