Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Completed:Virginia and Briar...

 Another two i've been dying to photograph! This is my favourite version of Briar so far in a navy sweater knit. Its inspired by this Boden sweater with jewels and sparklies. The trim is Sari trimming in a lovely acid green. As its straight it makes the collar stand away from my neck and i've received lots of compliments when wearing it! I think that its different enough without being in your face and oh so snuggly!
 Now onto my next make, Virginia Leggings y'all! I actually made something reminiscent of pants! These are Megan Nielsen's Virginia Pattern and they took literally no time, I'm never buying leggings again, these are comfy (bamboo jersey!) and have great coverage. The bamboo jersey is so soft but not the best for opacity. It would be much better in a cotton knit but i'm going to make them over and over again!
Fabric: Sweater knit - Ditto £4.50per metre, Still have loads lefts so say £8.00
Notions: Sari Trim in stash and Thread in Stash 0.00

Fabric: Bamboo Jersey Remnant £6.55 Ditto
Notions: Thread in Stash 0.00
Total: £14.55
Wearability: Briar 7/10 Virginia 10/10! Both awesome additions to my wardrobe and they definitely contribute well to my Fall Essentials!

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