Sunday, 8 December 2013

Life according to Instagram: October

 Should all sewing posts start with a Pug picture? Yet again I'm behind on my Instagram feed but it really is a great way of capturing our life at the moment.
Lets start off with the basics, I've had a tough couple of months. I've had to give up my MA which i'm truly gutted about, i'm still in a job I don't enjoy too so i'm hoping come January we can get out of the rut we're currently in, I can get a new job and start earning some normal money. Right! Depressing stuff over, here is my Instagram pics from October:
 I have been sewing more than it seems lately and samples are the best way to get exactly the fabric you want! These are for a lovely imaginary outfit, blue coat, liberty shirt and cord skirt anyone?
 This was my last train journey to Bristol. My family live there so I often take my knitting along for the 3 hours. This was my Brassica hat, yet to be properly blogged. Can't beat a Pumpkin Spiced Latte in Autumn can you? Below i've been knitting with the same yarn, Lofty british wool I used another skein to make myself a small Gaptastic Cowl.
I am so behind on showing you finished objects but I am going to drag Piemaker in to get lots of pictures, especially over Christmas! 
I'm loving everyones makes at the moment by the way! 
What have you got in the pipeline?

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