Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Me Made May...

I, Stevie of Beebee's Vintage Dress sign up as a participant of Me Made May'14 I endeavour to wear 3 me made outfits per week and create 4 new garments throughout the duration of May.
Just in Time!
I have currently got 23 garments sitting on my rail ready to go. More than I think i've ever had for a me made may. I think it will be a fabulous opportunity to test my 11 SWAP Items and do a big reveal. Unfortunately due to my current job I can only commit to 3 outfites a week. I might manage more but I wanted to add a second condition to my pledge this year, making myself four more garments will push me to keep my sewing productivity up and hopefully reap the benefits of a more versatile wardrobe.
I've been good at making basics in darker colours but its time to brighten it up for spring and summer!
For practicality i've been a jeans and pretty yop kind of girl recently. I'd like to focus on pin pointing my current style. Perhaps have a go at Colette's Wardrobe Architect Challenge deciding what I should make more of and what I should take out.
What have you pledged this year?

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