Sunday, 4 May 2014

Completed: I May Be In Love With Mabel...

For Serious guys... I never knew I could be this much in love with an Item of clothing.
You may have heard my squeals of excitement around the world when I heard that Colette were doing stretch patterns. I was so desperate I hit buy on the presale book and pattern combo so hard I almost sprained something.
I'm here to tell you they did not dissapoint. I would like to review the book in a later blogpost remind me won't you?
Now back to my Love in with Mabel...
I have bought knit skirts before, they are always this viscose jersey and usually leave nothing to the imagination. Cue a leftover bit of fabulous Emerald Ponte and an hour to spare... Voila Mabel!
She doesn't cling too much, but she fits, she holds me in, but doesn't make me feel like i'm wearing spanx. In short. You are going to see a lot of these. so many in fact, they may rival the Renfrew or Briar. So be prepared to write me a complaint! Please put the subject as "Stevie we can't take anymore Mabels!" 
Stats Time!
Fabric: Under 1m of leftover Ponte from May's Minerva (On the blog end of the month) £0.00
Notions: Thread already on my overlocker £0.00
Total: Big fat ZERO
Wearability: 11/10!!!! 
I wasn't joking about more Mabel's, I've been fabric shopping specifically to make more of these babies. I think I can change up the styling a little. These photos were taken for another purpose really which is why its paired with Briar (can you guess why?) This will go with 90% of my wardrobe already, plus with so many awesome variations I could be sewing these for some time... Mabel you are a Me Made Lifesaver!

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