Sunday, 11 May 2014

Completed: I Said I Never Would...

Hi lovelies!
I always said I would never wear animal print. Some people can make it look fabulous and sophisticated,

Others... Well you can make up you're own minds on that one...

I have broken all my rules with another item from my SWAP!
 McCalls 5974, Its a really clever dress. Made to look like a wrap dress but its totally not! It has lovely crossed wide ties that wrap around your body and give the illusion with none of the potential peek a boo moments of a normal wrap,
Yay for practicality!
I couldn't help but buy this fabric you guys, its just so, so, glowy? It reminds me of cats eyes and for my original SWAP palette of Caramel, Navy and Blues it ticked all the boxes.
Not to mention its comfy, Its a viscose jersey but not a bad one. In terms of opacity its pretty good. The only place I notice it is the front band that isn't covered by the faux wrap.
I left the sleeves long as I love the security of putting my hands inside my sleeves when its chilly. Anyone else like that...?
 Moving on, this dress has great swishability and will look great layered up with tights in the winter. I feel like this is a pretty autumnal kinda dress due to the long sleeves and darker hue.
I can see this dress being revisited, but maybe not until the weather is colder. It could make a cute short sleeved dress but this is my go to clothing in colder climes.
Fabric: 2.5 m of Viscose Jersey plus shipping £13
Notions: In Stash £0.00
Total: £13
Wearability 8/10
Not bad for a comfy dress! I have been pulling lots of stashbusters recently so its quite nice to see when I do purchase I'm rarely breaking the bank. I imagine if i'd bought this dress it would have been somewhere like Monsoon in terms of style and most definitely more expensive
What is your take on Animal Print? Yay or Neigh!

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