Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Completed: One Short Day in the Emerald City Coco...

"One short day in the Emerald City, One short day to have a lifetime of fun" - Wicked
Aka my favourite musical of all time. Seriously guys ever wondered what the tattoo on my wrist says? Defying Gravity thats what. 
(There is a running joke in my family that when I'm old it will say Defying Gravy...)
Moving on!
This Coco is a Minerva make. The emerald ponte is the one I used for my Mabel skirt too! I do love to use up leftovers, 
 This Coco has long been on my inspiration board. I have an unhealthy obsession with Boden and I had pinned this dress ages ago. I was going to have a go at her peculiar model pose but I'm not sure i'd look a sylph like...
I decided matching buttons were not for me so I went gold! I halved the collar piece but I could have been more brutal, my version is still quite high but overall I'm happy with the result.
I have however come to the conclusion that this Coco will only ever be a winter dress for me. Its very short for one so hobbit-like and I feel very exposed without tights. Not to mention the long sleeves, I was so warm taking these photos!
I am glad I picked this ponte. I think the colour is much more flattering to my skin tone than the more grassy green Boden dress. Its also super forgiving, very few lumps and bumps let loose!
Wearability is going to get a 7/10
I know I live in the UK where the weather is changeable to say the least but I'm banking on this being a Autumn/ Winter staple its a bit too snuggly for the summer! I'm loving this colour with Navy and I can see it looking great with my Virginia leggings I finished for the SWAP.
Ah well C'est La Vie Coco!

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