Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Swap 2014: Completed!!!!

Wooo I actually finished a SWAP you guys! Look out!
There are some Newly completed garments ahead!

I promise they will get their own posts later but i'm too happy not to post the results up. weee!!

This was 11 garments... 11!

I'm quite proud of myself (can you tell?!) as I totally bailed last year after two garments.
There are some really lovely talented ladies over at Artisan Square and they have been a fabulous support since January. Not forgetting you my lovely readers of course!
The plan was 3 3-pacs and two wild cards. Making 11 Pieces that co-ordinate.
I found working in 3's so helpful! I decided to theme each 3 pac to give me a focus.

So here goes number one: Home Comforts
This consisted of my Coco Dress, Mabel Skirt and Previously made Briar Jumper (Green glitziness taken off.) Did you guess my first unblogged?
Next 3 pac was named smart to casual. I wanted Items that could be dressed up or down easily depending on how I was feeling that day. My McCalls dress is totally Pajamas in disguise!
Team that with my Coppelia Cardigan or wear my cardi with my Lisette Denim skirt I can be comfy and still feel i've made an effort.
(Snuck another unblogged in didn't I?)
 Then Came my favourite outfit of the entire SWAP!

My Later Nights 3-pac! This is where my Skull Pansy Victoria and Simplicity skirt meet! Oh yes as requested here it is as a kind of suit! Crazy no? I love this outfit! I may never wear it out like this but its awesome. The third item is the navy Plantain tee just as a bit of a backdrop.
 I can see myself wearing it much more as a skirt and tee or tee jacket and jeans combination. Either way this is totally my favourite!

Finally onto the two wildcards, one of which doesn't feel that wild but it didn't fit anywhere else really in the end. My Virginia leggings, made from the same fabric as the Plantain Tee! These are so interchangeable I could wear it with all my 3 pacs if I wanted to! As you can see I paired it with my Coco for the photos.
Finally the real wildcard was my Georgia Dress! The cobalt isn't present in any of my other makes except maybe the Skull Pansy print. But I felt adding another blue gave a bit more depth to my palette and lets face it everyone needs a wildcard dress like this right?
I chose to keep my makeup and accessories simple so it was easy to see the outfits in the same situation. With 11 garments I think I can make at least 15 different outfits just mixing and matching skirts and tops alone. I will have a play with it over May and let you know the results.
Capsule wardrobes are something i've always considered but never properly tried. Making 11 pieces seemed impossible and I thought it would bore me to tears. But by keeping my plan flexible and open to interpretation I was able to keep sewing and make new exciting patterns work with existing ones I had started. I deviated quite a bit in the end. I only sewed three garments from my original plan made in January but managed to sew 9 from my updated March plan only changing 3 around to fit the final swap.

 If I've learnt anything on this little sewing journey I'd urge anyone to try out 3-pacs. Making three co-ordinating items means one perfect outfit. With a bit of consideration it gave me clothes that I love to wear, fit my lifestyle and look pretty lovely together. Go on, Give it a go! Have you ever sewn a capsule wardrobe?

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