Sunday, 1 August 2010

New Patterns

Ok So like everyone else in blogland I also have Mad Men Fever, I am a similar sized girl to Joan and have the same hair colour, so in my head I could hypothetically be her!
I am also a Vintage Junkie due to my mother being a minimalist modern lady, I work in a vintage shop, I study fashion history, It all fits!
So imagine my uber exitement when I walked into an (un- named) Brighton shop and found a little teeny corner where there were some of the nicest quality and cutest vintage patterns i have ever seen! (I look a lot at vintage patterns and never buy them)
They were also stupidly cheap but bearing in mind Vogue patterns in the UK are around £13 each I was thrilled and bought three!
The First would be fab in a baby blue I think! or a sultry red very 1940s! and I want some 40's style trousers but these 1970's one are pretty close, and now the piece de resistance... Amazing full skirted dress, the date on the packet is 1963 perfect as late fifties early sixties is fast becoming my favorite era!

Now to buy a new sewing machine...

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