Thursday, 9 June 2011

Re-A-Dressing the Balance...

Ok. So the work is done and were onto the moving stage of my life. (Yes that catastrophe is my stash in broken drawers...)
I am interested to know how people have packed their fabrics up for moving house.
I'm terrified that moths will have my lovely fabrics and munch on them in the process. Any tips I'd love them! I thought about Cedar cubes and tissue paper?
This is what I've emptied from my drawers but there is still two boxes worth! Its strange though how you naturally re-address balance in your stash.
I am the first to admit that my stash is growing stupidly fast but its nice to observe plainer fabrics interwoven with the mad patterns I love buying.

When I first started sewing I used to get sucked in by all the fabulous prints out there and would make everything in a print.
Now I sew properly for my own wardrobe I've found myself stopping and saying to myself you need plain to match the prints you have.
It seems to be working!
I also like the harmonies I see when I look at my stash. How fabrics co-ordinate with others.
I think i'm starting to develop more of a style in what I sew and thats really exiting!
Now heres hoping I can do some stash busting this summer!


  1. If you're just moving and unpacking, then regular cardboard boxes are fine, for the short term. If you are planning to store your fabric more long term, then plastic bins can be a good solution. Moths are drawn to wool and natural fabrics primarily (in my experience, just wool) so if you have lots of wool, and are storing for longer terms then some sort of cedar might be a good solution.

  2. I have stored fabric in large plastic bins. I recently packed away my wool Lady Grey for the summer and I'm terrified about moths. I put some cedar blocks in the dress bag and have crossed my fingers!

  3. Those large plastic zip up bags you find in bargain shops are great for stashing huge amounts of fabric, before I had my own sewing room I shoved all my fabric finds in them and hid them under the bed so my husband wouldn't know how much I had. No hiding it now its on shelves!

  4. i'm terrible at sewing with prints (so much more fun than solids!) but then i run into the same problem of matching things... i might have to adopt your solution of buying solids that compliment my prints and actually sewing them up!

    good luck with moving!


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