Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sewalong... Preparation time!

OK So we have 2 days until the start of the Lisette Sewalong. I am super exited that its time to prepare your fabrics.
Whatever your using remember to pre-wash! Then Iron out the fabric. I am using poly cotton so I have pre-washed on 40 as I would do a normal wash. When I did my previous post about Pre-washing. people gave some fab advice. The one I now use is putting an old towel in so that if the colour bleeds its absorbed.

The pattern is simple and requires only 7 pieces! Depending on what version you are doing of course. All versions allow for contrasting fabrics if you want them. It is optional though.

On my first version I chose not to. But on my Version C I will most definately have contrast!
Hopefully I will be making Version C and Version E. So I can help out those who want a tunic style with long sleeves and others who just want the blouse version with short sleeves.
I think both will be equally as useful in my wardrobe.
Version C

Version E
Here is my fabric I will be using for Version C
Dark purple cotton and mint and white spot for the contrasts. This is a great way to use up scraps!
Hope everyones ready!!!


  1. Hello there, are you hosting this sew-along? I just bought this pattern today and I am going to make view E (have my fabric being pre-washed right this minute). Looking forward to getting started on it!

  2. Hi! this a nice pattern, I don't have it but I would like to sew view E, however to read your sew along will be helfull in the future.


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