Thursday, 2 June 2011


Today has been a day of meh-ness. I got all exited that I had fully lined my beignet with no problems. But alas! Twas not true, I've either lost a piece in translation or I have sewn it to another piece and it is therefore trapped in the lining. Doh.
Look there is even a Butt pocket! In the wrong damned seam.

Anyway that was thrown on the floor in a fit of rage...
Heres my MMJ Day 2 outfit. This is my market blouse that I will be doing the Sewalong for on the 20th of June! (Me and Piemaker have been working on the button and stuff for this!) This is paired with cheap RTW sailor trousers from Dorothy Perkins or something that I cut into shorts. Bit boring but I've only been sewing today and it required comfort!
So Once I had calmed down and ignored my Beignet I grabbed my Kona cotton (in Curry colour, plain yellow) Then stopped myself. Not wanting to waste a good quality plain fabric when I was mad. But I needed to make something new and craved something happy and yellow.
I grabbed my Amy Butler fabric I bought at Sewing For Pleasure Aeons ago and grabbed McCalls6011 (My Pearl dress was made from this) and chopped it into a top.
I literally LOVE the result. I was worried about wasting the fabric but I'm pleased I cut it! I just need to make some facings and finish off the seams. (To add to my distress my overlocker ran out of white thread!) Here's a sneaky peek. Pie maker is out galavanting so yet again I am forced to take my own damned photos.
Literally LOVE this fabric...


  1. I love that fabric, too.

    And the butt pocket is hilarious :)

  2. Um, hello, butt pockets are terribly useful! You know, that is why in period films men always have their hand behind them? Well, it is supposed to be, but it is frequently misinterpreted as some polite way of standing, but actually, they had pockets in their tails! So maybe you could just stand like that ;)

  3. Ugh I hate sewing things in the wrong place. I have a love hate relationship with my unpicker.


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