Thursday, 26 August 2010

It's All Happening!

I must get into this blogging more often I have a backlog of stuff to put up. So I'll start with two bits I've been meaning to upload.
First Dadadaaaaa
Outfit post. I was very very nervous about this but if it helps my confidence it's gotta be a bonus right?

So here It is, me looking fairly miserable for some reason, probably because my brother was behind the camera lens shouting DAHHHHLING at me, This Dress is from Joules and is called Posey I love the shape of it and it fits nicely. The pattern reminds me of a Pierre Bonnard painting I have on my wall.

Of course I can't remember the name or date (Fashion History Student I should be ashamed!) but doesn't it look like the bedclothes have a similar pattern? I love the light and colour in that painting! The Cardi I have on is from TK Maxx and Is one of my best buys, I wear it all the time and the fifties style embroidery on it makes it really fun! You will see a lot of this Cardigan I guarantee. The shoes are amazing 30's looking heels from Jones the bootmaker, They are a similar pink to the Cardigan and because they are such a nude shade with that gold detailing they can potentially go with everything! (I say this to justify all shoes but I think these will go with quite a lot.) I will do a close up of them another day they are sooo pretty!!! But onto other news...

You will also be shocked to know instead of just warbling on about it all the time I've actually done some sewing! I have finished my muslin for my Butterick Retro dress. Which needs a nicer name any suggestions welcome!

My mannequin Evelyn is my Auntie Karen's 1970's model but alas she lacks wicked curves and a big enough bust size for me to fit my clothes to. So she may be retired to the Attic soon in favor of a Lady Valet. Overall I'm pleased with the fit of this dress the waist is a little snug but I have adjusted it a teeny bit and intend to lower the neckline about 2 inches. I am making it in the knitted kingfisher polyester fabric here. But i'm debating if I should go the whole hog and interface and fully line it, I was always crap at that at college but with no time restraints and actual use of the instructions I could do it. Any comments appreciated.


  1. I love that painting. I'm trying to remember what group of artists Bonnard belongs to.. was he a fauve? I should know this. As an art teacher, I should be ashamed! I like the square neck on your Butterick muslin. I'm looking for more vintage patterns nowadays because I've had more luck getting them to fit right. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog!

  2. Hi Liza! He was an impressionist but not one of the most well known ones, I came across him in my art history A level at school!
    Thankyou, I've taken the neckline down a notch it was a little high for me. I agree vintage patterns do fit a lot better on my body. I read somewhere that a "vintage body type" has a waist size 10 inches smaller than bust or hips. Mines not quite but they definitely fit better!


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