Friday, 27 August 2010


Morning all. Have just come back from my Grandad's house laden with fruit from his fruit tree's.
It makes me pretty sad as he died in February and Im not quite there with it yet. But it made me come home and look at some lovely old photos, Its nice to think about the fun he and my grandma had when they were younger. So I got out the photo's. Heres some of my favorites.

This is my Grandad Albie and my Grandma Eileen at a party in the early sixties, He was that sauve!

Slightly earlier here he is with his Sister Betty in the early fifties, I think he's in mid sentance or else pretty plastered!
I also found some of people I don't know but who are very stylish,

I'm not sure why but I imagine her to be a Vera, No idea who she is but gosh I wish I looked like that!

My great Auntie Myrna I Love her dress here! I'm guessing this is forties/fifties I'm tempted to make a replica!

This is Grandma Eileen with a friend the photo is labelled 1950. Eileen is on the Right I love their smart suits. Similar to this lady, (potentially the same friend)

This one could be of my Great Grandmother Florence (Grandma Eileen's Mama) She looks very wistful don't you think?

and finally I leave you with a bang, Grandma Eileen is in the middle in the faux fur with the dog. surrounded by some strange band, looks like fun though!

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