Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sorry Its been ages...

Sorry I've taken so long to post, had a bit of crap news and have only just had chance to get calm.
I have no sewing to show you as i'm now back in Bristol for a few weeks, although i did do some sleeves on a Chanel inspired green tweed dress from a Burda pattern from last year,(8-2009-128)
but I left it in Brighton before I left and didn't take a photo (Doh)
I wasn't feeling so hot so I decided to have a break in Bristol for a week. But then as I got home I found out that I had lost my job at the Vintage shop.
I am still pretty upset but my parents are making me stay in Bristol to recoup for a few weeks before coming back to find another job. So posts shall continue! As well as some sewing projects I hope!
heres what Burda made...

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