Thursday, 14 October 2010

God Damn Barbera Streisand!

My Parisian dress is a total failure. As I suspected.
Luckily it should go to a new home with my friend Rosie who doesnt mind mini dresses.
Alas I am gutted. The sleeves are too tight, the bust is too small and it has turned into a mini dress! It was a Burda pattern but in my ignorence at the time i cut my normal dress size I love the pattern though. but next time I am making it a size up. and way longer
Ce La Vie! Photos of this disaster follow.

I am annoyed with my 19 year old self for not having decent sizing knowledge and bothering to make a dress in nice fabric.
I have no mannequin at present but it looks better on a figure then crumpled on a hanger
Even after slicing into the facing it still doesn't wanna stay down
It really does suck as I loved this fabric and now can't find it again. I have enough left for a skirt or maybe a jacket but still!
Ah well. Mistakes happen to the best of us!

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  1. Oh noes! I hate it when you put the time into a project and it doesn't work out. Glad you have someone who can wear it though!
    I've found that measuring the pattern flat in the key fit areas (bust, waist, hips) before I ever start cutting has helped me immensely. At least then I know if the size is even going to be close to what I'm after. I've also recently started cutting 1" seam allowances - it's a bit more work when cutting, but having that extra fabric really helps!


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