Tuesday, 5 October 2010

What I can see from my bed

Freshers flu has got me again. Only this time I'm not a fresher and it probably isn't the flu. But I decided to stay in bed anyway, I'm back in Brighton today complete with a fab new iPhone 4 which was a totally unexpected present from my Dad! So I will spend until lunchtime surfing and playing ridiculous games and loading up my "Sewing Kit" app I found, It's like a little sewing planner, Fab! As well as sniffling and drinking tea.
I thought I'd try out the Camera instead of my SLR today. Partly because I can't be bothered to go to the foot of the bed to get it.
So here is what I can see from my bed.

Yup It really is that early

My haphazard drawers, The perfume bottles were bought at Brighton Market and the Matryoshka Doll was a gift from my Grandma Eileen (photo behind and here)

My newly organized sewing stuff. See inside here

The biggest baddest atomic teacup you ever did see!
Another Antique Shop find! The beads and clip ons are all from Brighton Antiques Market
I've been meaning to post up about this for ages! This was the best thing I've ever come across in a Charity Shop.
There it was tucked away in the corner. Litrally one of my favorite films ever and an original movie poster for £9!
Its sooo Beautiful!!!
Might attempt some sewing once i'm done wallowing, It's my housemate Lucys Birthday today 21! I want something to go out in later...
Joan dress has been worn countless times recently and still needs a few tweaks so I think I might leave her at home tonight.
Happy Birthday Lucy!

We both look goofy, trying out my phone camera hah!

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  1. Ooooooh, I have the same Reader's Digest sewing book too!


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