Friday, 22 October 2010

Hair play and Autumn/Winter in a bowl

Hi everyone! Just thought i'd drop in to say hello. Don't you love Autumn? I really love it except this year I have to embrace it much more as our house is from 1830 with no double glazing. So its freezing! Yesterday whilst doing some work I decided to make some mulled wine to warm me up and god did it work!

Yes I made two glasses and yes I drank both of them myself
I also pincurled my hair for yesterday. Having had short hair for quite a while and not doing it all the time like I intended.
(apologies for the crap photos night time is rubbish to do them)

I have to admit I felt pretty nutty professor when I took it out but it calmed down during the day once it was pinned and sprayed.
I went out to a gig in the evening and wore the Joan dress, complete with all those pesky adjustments.
Big apologies on the state of this picture it was 3am when I took it.
A different corner of my room for ya too!
If anyone has any hair tips for short hair I'd love to hear them!
Happy Autumn

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