Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Deluge Has Come...

I arrived back home in Brighton to find So many packages! Some containing fabric. Others containing the patterns I ordered in that Lucrative deal. As well as a couple of out of prints. I know its bad. This is addiction at its worst. I'm happy with the patterns but only a few of the fabrics were what I wanted them to be.
All of my fabrics came from Ebay. Granted they were all cheap but one that was labelled as Jersey (the cubes) is in fact swimwear lycra. Annoying but It could be a cowl neck dress or a muslin. The two pinkish ones are like a rough sateen. But they will do for linings, at 1.99 per metre they aren't to be sniffed at.The brown wool is a mix but it is a little scratchy and thin. Again super cheap though so I'm not too worried. They all came from the same company except the cube one which was an auction so I just know not to use them again.
The green and yellow floral poly cotton mix was labelled cotton sateen but it isn't. However it is a lovely fabric and i'm super pleased with it. the cotton below I got for a song in an auction. It would make a sweet little top. Its a little thin poplin. But my all time Favorite is the brush stroke cotton sateen which I got from an Ebay Shop! It is B E A Beautiful! I adore it although I know that the slipperyness will make it a pain to sew with!
This simplicity retro pattern was a nightmare to get hold of. I ended up buying it from the U.S. but I'm pleased I got it as the capri's really appeal and I'm lacking in separates.
This shirtdress is a classic. I'm not sure if it is out of print or not but I got it cheaper from the U.S. Inc postage than if I bought it in the U.K. Crazy.
What have you been coveting this week?

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  1. Great patterns! I'm thinking about getting some from the U.S too.


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