Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pattern V Plain: Building a Wardrobe is Difficult, Difficult, Lemon Difficult.

I am one of those people drawn to pattern all the time especially in fabric (Ahem... See prev post for proof.)
But I really love elegant, simply styled people who wear colour co-ordinated outfits in plain fabrics with the occasional dip into print.

People like Emma Pillsbury from Glee, Michelle Obama, Isla Fisher, Christina Hendricks...
All of them do this style fantastically. For that ladylike chic, They all stick to plain (but bright) fabrics with the occasional flash of pattern in a shirt or cardigan.
This is one of the problems I find in my own wardrobe I have all Print and no basics to go with them! I'd like to fix this so I can start building a handmade workable wardrobe.

My Wardrobe Woes to date are:
Too Much Print
Not enough base colours to layer on
Not enough Skirts
Too many Dresses (Sob! Mostly printed too)
Not enough Cardigans
Not enough Trousers (Patty at SnugBug is doing a fab series on sewing trousers at the moment.)
Too much black

Thats quite a scary looking list isn't it? Like i've walked in on Trinny and Susannah rifling through my drawers. (horrific thought!)

As I mentioned in a prev post I have narrowed down the colours I'd like to wear in a dream summery wardrobe. Were everything can be worn in a million different combinations. So I am going to attempt some basics in various colourways like JCrew have with these skirts. I like to think of it like Gok Wan's "Capsule Wardrobe" or 14 pieces or whatever it is. Where everything harmonises.
Side Note: Is it just me or is it really hard to focus when you have a million zillion things running around in your head shouting "PICK ME! I WILL LOOK AMAZING?"
I find it really difficult to focus on one project and I am awful at sticking to plans I am the first to admit it! I over think and change my mind lots.
I suppose thats why I started my blog in a way. I'm using it as a kind of Diary to keep track of the craziness that runs around my brain.
Your allowed to make grand plans in a diary and you never have to carry them out, on here I'm held accountable by all you lovely people!
My McCalls M5815 Jacket is next on the list.The Blue Linen I was using for a wearable muslin is cut ready, but the camel fabric I ordered was more of a tobacco brown. So If it is finished I will take my Blue linen one to Barcelona and find a different use for the tobacco wool.
I am going to use The Jacket and The Joan Dress as My starting point as they are both made from the same fabric, Prehaps if I added a Lemon yellow or a Mustard belt and necklace this...
might look something similar to this?
What are your Wardrobe Woes, and how does print fit into your style?


  1. Oh lordy lord I LOVE that jacket pattern. The foofy collar in view A is just the best!!! In answer to your question, my personal wardrobe woe is that I live in a place where its 60 degrees all year round...and I primarily sew cottony printy sundresses which are neither appropriate for the climate or my secretarial job. That means that a lot of what I make sits in my closet waiting for a warm day when I'm off work. If I had a wardrobe goal for 2011, it would be to figure out how to wear those dresses to the office while still looking mostly professional and also not freezing at my desk.

  2. I love their style also, Michel Obama always dress so vintage style and what can I sa about Emma from you I wish I have love like that.

  3. Love that J-Crew skirt! I have your affliction too, never enough prints for me....... but I have a general rule that I leave prints for dresses and skirts and tops and trousers are mainly left plain....this evens out the wardrobe a bit, good luck with your plan!

  4. I tend to buy and make many solids, too - I think b/c I see them as more "practical". But now I'm finding that I don't have anything interesting to wear with the solids - no prints!

    I will say, unlike you, I have so many cardigans. So many. Cardigans are my uniform - I wear them to work and on the weekends.

  5. Hi Stevie, you look awesome in that blue dress! Thanks for your comment on my rockabilly blouse. I just replied to you in the comments bit of that post but then thought you might not see it so I came to 'visit' you.
    So you are off to bcn? Have a great trip, say hi to the city for me! As for fabric shopping, there are two shops both called Ribes i Casals. They are very close to each other and have basically the same stock just laid out differently, but one has slightly more friendly opening hours. Both are near Urquinaona metro station, or a short walk from Placa Catalunya and Las Ramblas. There are a few more in that hood but the are definately the best. The selection probably won't blow you away in terms of having anything radical, but the variety of types and colours is pretty impressive. Enjoy!

    I also see you are in Brighton? Cool! Come down to the Brighton Craftaganza at Fabrica March 26th if you are able, and come and say hello!

    Zoe x

  6. Thanks Zoe I will definitely be dragging my boyfriend in that direction! As for Craftaganza I think a few of my friends might probably be selling so I may see you there! Thankyou for the tip! x

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