Friday, 23 December 2011

Contemplation: 2012 Re-Sewlutions...

After looking back at what I have achieved this year I thought it would be nice to have a look towards next year and what I'd like to do.

This is my final year at University which is super scary to say the least.
So, I need to find a full time job. My life could potentially be very different by this time next year.
 I would really like to work in something related to my degree but I have a feeling a Masters may have to be in my future somewhere.

Sewing wise, I have my Blogiversary goals to think about until August which were:

I'd like to make a capsule wardrobe- With this I am not going to go as overboard as I did with the Colette Fall Challenge and I think i'd like to gear it towards "My Graduate Wardrobe" Which I will talk about later.

I'd like to make one historical costume - I'm not sure about this one when I have to reason to wear it at the moment. So I think I might get rid of this

Use more of my Burda Style Magazines. Lets say make 3 garments from Burdastyle/Patrones - My Parisian skirt came from Burda and I loved it so I am determined to achieve this!

Set up a sewing group of my own or take a class to improve my tailoring and master trousersI think I'd like to revise that last one and I'd like to go to some classes this year and finally get my trouser sloper just right.

So about New Years Re-Sewlutions? Well I think I covered quite a lot of what I would like to do in August. But there are a few other idea's I would like to give a try:

Make at least one Coat! I am determined to do this! My Lady Grey was put aside as I've decided I hate hand sewing! I think I'd rather sew the hair canvas in on the machine within the seam allowance. Plus I have a fabulous few coat patterns I would love to get done!

I'd like to make my "graduate wardrobe" too which I have yet to make a concrete plan of. Just a few interchangeable pieces that I can wear in a new work situation and be comfortable, look tidy, professional and hopefully stylish. 
Here is what I have so far. I'd like to make at least half of this. I don't want to overload like I did on some of the other challenges this year. I have made at least two of the things on my list already. The Orla dress and Elphaba blouse and there is two UFO's on the board too. I decided to use a few patterns I've used before so I can cut down on fitting time.

The weight loss situation makes things a little more difficult. 
Since August I've lost two dress sizes and I intend to lose at least 2 more by the summer. This means most of my Me-made garments from earlier in the year no longer fit me. 
I'd like to focus on fit for most of these garments especially the jackets and trousers. So I think the key thing to do is overfit a little so I can make the most out of each garment I make.

What are your Re-Sewlutions?


  1. Very cute wardrobe plan, Stevie! I look forward to seeing it all come together.
    xo Alana

  2. What a lovely plan! I like how your working wardrobe will look elegant and feminine. Good luck with your re-sewlutions!

  3. These are great, and that wardrobe plan looks amazing! You'll definitely be all set with those pieces... you've inspired me to reassess what I've got!

    Maybe you could try making the looser/less fitted garments first and waiting as long as possible on the more fitted items?


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