Monday, 12 December 2011

Sucking it Up...

I started on trousers... Sadly I didn't finish them, I am still doing said trousers and as I anticipated trousers and me do not mix well.
I've spent over two days on fitting and combined with Uni work thats why its been so quiet over here! I warn you this post has highly unflattering angles of my body in.
I tried out the Lisette Portfolio pants. Nice narrow leg. I cut an 18 and depressingly they were way too tight on the hips and top thigh area but baggy at the knee.
I decided to cut a new pair and extend each side seam 2.5in.
Urgh here they are at the side.
The Butt was not much better...
So I set about cutting a new pair increasing by 2.5 on the side seams and lowering the crotch.

You guessed it. They were then too big! So I spent ages tailoring them to my body with lots of jabbing myself with pins.
Eventually I created a new pattern piece from one side and heres the second side! Look at all that excess!
I cut them down and they now fit much better although once they are hemmed they will be a tiny bit short and I need to make the crotch a bit higher again as it was way too low once it was altered. I also had trouble putting in the waistband but I will finish this!
I am determined to have a TnT trousers pattern if it kills me! Which at this stage seems likely...


  1. Go, you! Trousers can really be a pain to fit. Reason why I've only tried it once, for now. ;) I'm sure you'll manage fine, and can't wait to see them finished! The green is very pretty!

  2. I salute you for your patience!
    I do think that portfolio pattern is oddly-proportioned. It's not you! It's the pattern!

  3. I feel your pain! I've still to finish a 2nd toile of the BurdaStyle trousers I started last year :(!


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