Monday, 19 December 2011

Contemplation: Christmas Shakeup

After the Disaster with trousers I've decided that I will have a small break from my sewing machine over Christmas. This is partly because we are going to my parents and I know I won't have time to take my machine this time, plus we are coming home pretty soon after to have a second Christmas with Piemaker's family.

Normally a sewing break gives me chance to plan but I don't think I could ever have an intentional blogger break unless it was University related.
I thought I'd use the next two weeks to take stock of what has happened over the last year.
What challenges I have attempted, What ones worked and what didn't and my goals for the next year.

It is funny how much someone can advance in one year. I looked back at how I used to write in the beginning and I seem to have improved in confidence. I'm glad to say I have gained a few followers and some fantastic friends since last year. Plus my quality of sewing has definitely improved. My goals at the start of last year were that I wanted to:
Knit a jumper,
Learn to crochet,
Organise my Sewing life,
Make my patterns digital on my computer,
Make 10 garments including a Macaron and Lady Grey Coat

Well the bad news is I didn't knit, or crochet although I had a go,
Good news is I got organised, all my patterns are mostly up on my laptop for reference,
I made a macaron, I've started the Lady Grey and overall this year I have managed to make
25 fully fledged garments! Thats not including my UFO's!
Here is a few of my favorites


I have to admit i'm surprised its that many! I did 2.5x my target!
Ok, so some of them aren't worn, but most of them are! These are some of my highlight pieces. Both my Beignets are there although I can't wear the cord one as its just too big now.
The weight loss has made a big difference to how much Me Made stuff I wear at the moment but I guess thats just the nature of the beast really. I will definitely make my Liberty cord Beignet this year, as well as another version of the Simplicity 2151 pussy bow blouse in chiffon!
I also have plans for the Vogue 8685 dress at the bottom in a block colour so it shows off the beautiful detailing and seams on the dress.               Perhaps in a double knit! Next post i'll be looking at challenges!
Happy Christmas Sewists!


  1. Great progress! I love your bright colored Beignets

  2. A successful year for you! Wow, making 2.5 times your goal, fantastic! Your makes are so pretty, I love the yellow Beignet and the purple&yellow skirt!
    Happy Sewing for 2012!

  3. All your projects look great Stevie. I love the purple Beignet, and the pussy bow blouse. As for the Vogue 8685, fab!

  4. I love your green Beignet and skirt with the gold border. Great colour combinations as well.


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