Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Beebee's Sewing School... Im now a Teacher!

You have no idea how weird that feels to say!
My sewing teaching has been growing slowly since I first announced it. I have some weekly students which is awesome! I had no idea work could be this fun and this is partly why i've not been blogging as often.
Piemaker is currently sorting me out with some kind of official website which will link to this little ol blog and then I can tell the world all the brilliant classes I have going on. So this is what I've been focusing on...

  • Weekend Classes with up to three students: These include making the Colette Hazel Dress in a Weekend, with your friends and a new Pj Bottoms class I'm working on right now. Cost for this is £140 per person for the weekend and that includes the pattern!
  • One to one teaching: Teaching a lovely student pretty much anything they want to learn, from the basics to A level Support. This costs at the moment £15 per hour with a minimum of two hours.
If you're local to Sussex, specifically Worthing and your interested in taking a class or two drop me an email at !

Have you guys ever taken classes? What made them successful for you? 

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