Friday, 19 July 2013

Life According to Instagram... July

I've got so into Instagram you guys! Its been so hot I haven't had chance to sit at my computer or sewing machine really. We have a lot of life news going on right now, some good some bad but I'm trying to stay positive. Cryptic? Maybe. But you'll find out the good soon!
Anyway back to Instagram. Its a great way to update everyone on what your upto plus it links to all my social media so I don't have to do all that malarkey. So I thought I'd do a Monthly Instagram Round-up of what we've been up to just as Sarai from Colette Patterns has been doing.
So In July Piemaker and I have been...
Trying to keep cool in the heatwave with Epic Jugs of Pimms...
 Setting out Pretty Peonies in a Jug found in our crumbling old shed that we demolished...
 Sewing on a bit of a Grainline Kick! I still haven't finished this Tiny Pocket tank as it needs serious taking in!
 This is another Archer. My new love! (Sorry Piemaker...) I LOVE this pattern I also have a blue cotton ready to make a sleeveless. This is a much smaller size than the last and fits much better. I must learn to cut two sizes smaller on Grainline patterns in the future. I can't wait for the release of the Morris Blazer. Its so hot maybe I should whip up some Lakeside Pajamas!
You can follow me on Instagram here. I will try and track a button down asap for my lovely sidebar soon and hopefully finish some clothing!

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