Monday, 1 July 2013

Much Ado About Knotting...

I'm back! We had a fantastic time at my Cousin's wedding and here is the surprise! A new Dress!
We went to Siena in Italy and the wedding was based on Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing. It was set in a beautiful Italian garden and I needed a comfortable sunny dress. I had my eye on this Ikat Sateen fabric from Goldhawk for a while and decided it would make a perfect Hazel dress. 
There are two reasons why I chose this dress...
  • First its summery, comfy and stylish
  • Its called Hazel. and my cousin Rich lost his Mum, my Auntie Hazel last year and I thought it might be a little poignant way to remember her.
All the ladies were given parasols, gentleman hats and everyone had a programme with a portrait resembling them. My brother played Til' Kingdom Come by Coldplay at the ceremony and we then went on to have the dinner on the terrace.
(Here's a better bodice shot.)
Piemaker and I with our portraits also used for table settings.
Piemaker's was unbelievable resemblance!
I was concerned that I might be too warm (it was 40 degrees) but this dress was smart enough for a casual wedding and I didn't overheat. I'm really pleased with this dress and got some lovely compliments
After dinner they had a photobooth and me and my Brother Ashton jumped straight in!
I've missed you all! I'm now back and summer is ahead of us, we have a lot of jobs in the house to do but I'm hoping I can get back down to sewing more regularly.
Hows your June been?

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