Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2014 Resewlutions...

I'm late as usual with my resewlutions this year, I've been mulling them over and looking over the last years progress here's what i've come up with:
  • Complete a SWAP - I tried last year and got a good chunk done, however I didn't finish. Artisan Square have a new SWAP consisting of 11 garments 3x3 pacs and 2 wildcards. I'd like to participate in this one this year.

  • Improve my blog - Piemaker bought me Blog Inc for Christmas and I can't wait to read it and be inspired to make my blog better!

  • Finish a garment a month - This will ensure a steady turnover of garments this year.

  • Stashbust- I didn't do badly 5 items out of 14 came from stash fabric. I'd like to keep track of my fabric purchases and use up a chunk of stash again this.

  • Keep track of my Budgeting. Ok I don't have a "budget" per say but I have been mostly keeping track of what I spend on each project. I decided any fabric bought before January 2013 counted as stash and therefore got a free bonus if I used it up. With that in mind I spent £139.10 on fabric, notions and patterns that were used last year. This doesn't count sneaky PDF purchases or any fabrics I didn't use. I'd round it up to approx £200 which for a hobby isn't really that much. I'm sure i've spent far more than that in past years.

 What are your Resewlutions this year?

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