Friday, 24 January 2014

My New Love...

I was so lucky at Christmas and I've been way to slow letting you see! I got a beautiful Turquoise angle poise lamp! (My Sewing room accent colour is blue) Plus... A fabulous new Janome Sewing Machine! 
 She's an Janome XL 601 and she's computerized! She makes weird noises when she starts up but its so different to my mechanical Husqvarna! I'm still in the process of learning what she can do but my favourite thing is 6 types of automatic buttonholes...AUTO-MATIC! I hate doing 4 step buttonholes so this should change. my. life. On top of that there is some very good knit stitches and its so easy to thread! I've decided to jump into a SWAP to road test my little Nomie.
Here's the start of my first garment WIP... Perfect if I get it finished for Jungle January! (Urgh! Totally need to make a new Ironing board cover...)
 I'm hoping to base my swap around blues and caramel tones, these are a few of the fabrics i'm toying with. I'll save the final details for another post.
What are you all sewing up right now? I'm desperate to try the new Deer and Doe Plantain Tee!

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