Thursday, 4 August 2011

Blogiversary!!! The First Year

On the Second of August I had my first ever Blogiversary! My blog (or at least its incarnation into a sewing blog) occurred a year, plus a few days ago!
Over that time my sewing has blossomed and I have learnt loads! Not only that, I have found so much joy and inspiration from reading the blogs of others and there has been many an exited dance when my own follower count went up one person!
I thought I'd put up a couple of photos from some of the highlights of this year!
The First Brighton Blogger Meetup and my first Blogger Meetup EVER!
Second Blogger Meetup in Brighton
During the year I have made myself clothes I couldn't have imagined making, honing in on the style I never knew I had. Ran my first Sewalong and have completed a Me Made Month even with the mad process of moving house in the middle. (Complete with fab new Sewing Room!)
There Is also hilarious mistakes to remember like the Butt Pocket on my first Beignet!
But I feel best of it all is that I have made so many wonderful friends through blogger meetups and comments.
Its lovely to not feel so alienated by my hobby any more. I love that it just takes a phonecall or an email or forum post and I can blab for hours about fabric and sewing to someone that has the same obsessions and can help out with the common worries!
Sew Weekly meetup and Goldhawk Road Fandango all in one day!!!
Now comes the Resolutions... I did some at Christmas of course but a few for next blogiversary won't hurt:

I'd like to make a capsule wardrobe.
I'd like to make one historical costume
Use more of my Burda Style Magazines. Lets say make 3 garments from Burdastyle/Patrones
Perhaps sell something I've made
Set up a sewing group of my own or take a class to improve my tailoring and master trousers.

I thought I wouldn't ever get to love sewing again once I'd finished college but having you lot around to encourage and support my sewing endeavors has made this year a pure joy!
Heres to many more pretty clothes and great friends waiting to be discovered!!!


  1. Happy Blogiversary! You really have achieved an awful lot in the last year, how inspiring. I love your resolutions too - challenging, but doable ;o)

  2. Aw happy blogiversary Stevie. How satisfying to look back on the past year and be so pleased with everything you've achieved! It was so fab to meet you In Brighton, here's to the next year. x


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