Friday, 26 August 2011

More Wardrobe Musings...

So yesterday I listed the 10 essentials and what one's I currently own.
But I also made a list of extra things that I think my wardrobe needs.

It was interesting that Karen said she doesn't like following other peoples rules when it comes to her own wardrobe, and to be honest Its never really occurred to me until recently either!
But I am finding it helpful to use them as guidelines to build up a useful wardrobe!

Heres what else I put into the plan that I know I would put to good use:

Silk Pjs
Cotton jersey Pjs
Block Colour Pencil Skirts
Block Colour Trousers - Grey, Tan, One strong colour

More Smart Shirts in Block colours
Harem Pants for the Gym
Plain Shirtdress
Printed Shirtdress
Winter Jacket
Cape/ Capelet
Various tops in block colours with different detailing, Most in Jersey
Wool Shorts
Denim high waist shorts

Plain wool circle Skirt
Pegged Trousers

I am not going to attempt to sew every single item on this list! Far from it but I am going to make sure I can get the best that I can afford so that they will last!

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