Monday, 15 August 2011

Sewing V Weight Loss...

Its a very rare occurrence for me to not blog about sewing but this week I have literally done none...
I started on the scary path to losing some much needed weight and I have been a grumpy hungry, achey mess this past week and haven't really wanted to make anything that is likely to be too big and need taking in, in a months time.

This lead me to think...
Have any of you lost significant amounts of weight and kept sewing throughout?
I don't want to have to adjust everything I've already made. Do you sew for how you are now or how you will be?
I started on my bombshell fitting planning to wear it to a wedding in October. But I'm concerned my body will have changed by then...
Any thoughts?


  1. I do sew throughout weight loss. Sewing is like eating for me- I HAVE to do it or I will be a crabby pain in the butt! :) I have naturally bug hips and my boobs aren't going anywhere as much as I'd like them to so I do sew dresses and blouses since they can be easily taken in at a later date if needed. I've been wanting to sew some skirts and pants but I'm holding off on those since they will require more alterations after weight loss. Don't be hungry, sweetie! Eating lots of lean protein like nuts, lean meats and things like that helps a lot with the hunger. Good luck on your weight loss and sewing projects! xx

  2. There was a great blog post on a similair issue recently:

    Good luck!

  3. I know what you're feeling/thinking, as I too want to loose weight (and keeping stalling on starting eek!). Check out Debbie Cook's blog Stitches & Seams, she's recently dropped several dress sizes(and continues to loose weight). Debbie is carrying on sewing, but as she's interviewing for a new job at the moment she's not sure what to do re: workwear.

  4. I do sew through weight loss, but not as much. There's just not enough time in the day for everything, you know? Still, you have to make time to do the things you enjoy. Plus, sewing is a great non-food reward. :) Best of luck!

  5. I've lost 2 dress sizes this year, and it's been a pain to see cherished items stop fitting me.
    I've been sewing more relaxed fit items, sometimes deliberately snug so that I can shrink into them and if I lose more weight, the fit won't matter so much.
    Hope you get over the first hungry days soon and good luck!

  6. Hey there,

    This issue really speaks to me as I've been putting off properly learning to sew for years because I'm a large girl. I always swore I'd lose the weight before trying (I never have, but that's another story). I'd be really interested to read your ideas on this as you do it. I think what's most important though is that you're doing both things to make yourself happy - losing weight and sewing and if you get to the wedding and you've lost weight and can't wear the dress, so what? You're happier and healthier and you can use the skills you've learned on this dress to make one that will make you equally happy with your new body.

    Good luck with both x

  7. I know how you feel! I did put off sewing sometimes when I felt I was too large, but I try to ignore that now and just sew away.

  8. Stevie,
    I so understand your delemia. I too have had this problem.I have slowly lost 20 pounds this summer. And am currently and slowly trying to loose another 20. slow and hard.. But we must just keep on ,keeping on.
    I purposely try to make something that is a little snug [not way too little], and as it begins to fit and then get loose.yea,yea..What great encouragement that is.
    Also,I try to make items, that can be worn through weight loss.At least for awhile.
    Also, while doing this weight loss thing.I tend to use my cheaper fabrics rather than the higher price ones..That way.. if I only wear the garment a couple months, I get the enjoyment of wearing it, and the joy of sewing, and in a little while..I can donate to charity and help some one in need.
    Good luck on your weight loss. Happy sewing.

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