Thursday, 11 August 2011

Just to show You I haven't been Doing Nothing...

A bit of a double negative title but there we are.
Don't you just love sweetpeas?
I have been messing about with various projects and not really finishing anything. I have a twinset of top and cardigan I have been working on but Jersey is a notoriously tricky friend of mine. I love it but I haven't yet mastered the trick of cutting the right size and taking in. This is the cardi so far.
Its a bit dull but It leaves lots of scope.
Here is the top. McCalls 6164 Much too big too! I'm glad I have Adele as I started it when I was visiting my parents which made it really hard to take in on myself.
Look at how much I had to take out the shoulders! Still it looked much better when I started taking in the side seams. I did have to take the sleeves out AGAIN (It's like the third time) The gathers have been giving me a tough time and leaving holes just above the sleeve band. It will be totally worth it though I really like the design of this top and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it!

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