Thursday, 4 November 2010

Garrr Burda Style!

Hello hello. Its getting Novembery yay! Bonfire night is amazing in Lewes and I was so ready to make a new warm cosy dress to wear tomorrow. Sadly this is not going to happen due to Burda magazine being such a pattern minefield! How is anyone supposed to see through 5 pattern pieces of the same colour and know there different! This always takes me hours! but I love burda patterns so much I put myself through it. This dress however is trying my patience

Pretty huh? Easy, Simple, Sophisticated, Comfortable
If I could copy the pattern off instead of being an incapable imbecile!
The top fabric is a yummy soft jersey that I intend to make it in If I EVER get there!
The Glitzy stuff is being made into a party season dress from this months Burda. I started to copy that pattern yesterday and gave up, due to lack of light and bruised knees.
here it is in a nice purple. I think it should be understated enough to go out clubbing in but still could be smart with the little bow bit.
I also need a bit more structure than the silky stuff hehe

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi! Burda magazines have so pretty clothes.......BUT yes, the patterns are a mess!!! you have to be very very carefull about tracing them, I mean, first find where is the pattern you want, then find your size, then try not to confuse with other size or pattern, what I do is this, as I have a glass table, I put a lamp under it and then mark with a marker or another color the pattern I want then I copy it in another papper.
    My husband always says that's seems to be very difficult........and yes it is !!!
    Those dresses are just beautiful, I hope you can sew them.


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