Friday, 12 November 2010

Grandma Elsie's Treasure

Everyone has to do the sad job of clearing a home out once in a while. We have sold Albie's house and now we have to clear it.
I used to spend hours playing in the attic as a kid and there was always what looked like a treasure chest in the corner that I never dared open. Recently (within the last year) I looked in it to find it was my Great Grandmothers belongings. I can vaguely remember Elsie. She died when I was 3 but we have video of her and I still remember her fondly.
It contained funky bottle lamps, birth and death certificates, a very suspect looking siamese cat from the 60's and... FABRIC!
Ok so most of it was curtains or net and they were pretty synthetic but theres lots!

These are by far my favorite ones of the lot! I love the embroidery on these and they need to be made into heirlooms I think!
Love the orange roses on this one! If i lined it i'm sure I could make a fifties style dress but it is a bit of a crunchy feeling sixties synthetic.
Thanks Elsie!
Love your Great Grandaughter xx


  1. wow! real treasures. i like the sound of the suspect siamese cat...

  2. These are so beautiful, how sweet! And my great grandmother was called Elsie too, I've always loved the name for that reason. Thanks for your lovely comment!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue


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