Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Holidays are Comin'

After a hellish journey back to Brighton last night I am home and raring to go on Christmas presents, I need some PVC patterned fabric for some bits and printed cottons for others. I am trying to be economical and spend literally no money on Christmas this year so my little stash box should hopefully be the basis for most of my creations.

I can't explain what these will manifest into on here but I'm on the Crafty Christmas Club Blog blabbing about what exactly im making, but I have another hour long presentation at the end of November, so I need to kick up my game on sooo many things at the moment!
I have a million projects going on so I need to concentrate on presents before clothes for me :(
I'm off for hot chocolate, more Uni reading and a snuggle in my crochet blanket from Great Nanny Churchill!

Bless her, Colour theory was not her thing I'm pretty sure ALL of these squares clash in one way or another!
But thats why I love it holes and all!

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