Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mrs Henderson Presents...

After doing not a lot today, I revisited the fab film that is Mrs. Henderson Presents, Set in the forties it tells the story of Laura Henderson and her Theatre the Windmill and its refusal to close during the London Blitz.
It has various sweet songs and some fab costumes, the underwear and knitwear particularly
Silky and beautiful lingerie as well as lovely robes too!
This Red Dress the Girls are wearing reminds me of Colette Patterns Ceylon Dress!
Judi Dench in all her glamourous lovliness! I really admire Judi Dench, she is a truly great actress and really engages with her roles so well!
Will Young is also cast as a young musical star and choreographer. Its really worth a watch if you love forties fashion or just fancy a nice afternoon with a cup of tea!


  1. I didn't like the actual film very much, but the fashion of course was amazing!

  2. That looks so cool, I am in the process of making some forties lingerie, It's just so lovely! (and it gives me an excuse to do scalloped hems...)

  3. These are such wonderful pictures!



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