Friday, 8 July 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

One of my favorite bits of sewing is planning what I'm going to make. Whilst unpacking I decided to pull out a few patterns I was thinking about using for now/Autumn/Winter sewing.

What a mistaka to maka! 25 patterns came out, not including the free burda ones, or the ones I've had ordered, Sewaholic and otherwise.
I did exactly the same thing I always do. Dresses are not something I wear often unless I can stick tights or leggings underneath. 11 of the patterns were dresses! 6 were tops, 5 were Jackets and 1 was for PJs and 2 for shorts.
After looking in horror at these patterns and realising there was only 5 or so that had ever been used I decided on a scary solution.
I already have a partial fabric ban. I can buy one piece for every 3 I use. How about a RTW clothing ban like Jane? I'm not sure I could manage but I could certainly try until Christmas.
Has anyone else tried doing this?

I seem to make clothes at an alarmingly quick rate at the moment so perhaps this wouldn't be so bad.

Talking of which here is my Sew Weekly challenge in progress. I'm really pleased with it so far! This week is American Designers and I went for Wendy Mullins, who owns Built By Wendy. This is one of her patterns she did for Simplicity, I've taken to feverishly collecting them!
I wasn't convinced this would look good with my bust and all the ones i've seen bar one were not my kind of thing. I am not sure if I should add the sleeves or not. It needs taking in a little but it is looking pretty good. Its just a white cotton jersey and a white and blue polka dot cotton jersey. I think I could get a lot of wear out of this!
More Sewing moodboards to come. I'm still hoping to get my Beignet skirt and Violet top finished this week as I've sorted out the Buttpocket. I'm trying to intermix new and UFO so that I don't get too bored!


  1. Loving the look of the polka-dotted top! Super cute!

  2. Yes, I see that we've picked up the same pattern! I just got started on my Rebecca Taylor pattern (Vogue 1152) and finished the muslin yesterday. I think it's going to look great in silk. :-) So far, the fit and style are proving to be extremely forgiving! Will keep you updated on my progress!

  3. Love your vintage sensibilities! Such a pleasure to stop by today =)


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