Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Not a lot going on... Musings on Trousers

Most of my stuff is strewn out on my mamas table, as I wait for my overlocker to be fixed but my fingers are itching. I'm getting used to the idea of not buying anymore stuff but this makes for boring blogging!

I've also not been feeling so great the last few days but now i'm on tablets im on the mend!
yesterday I popped out for lunch with Lauren from Tea and Crumpets
We had great fun chatting about sewing and eating really good food, I put a couple of questions to her relating to my dissertation too which I will definitely be talking about at a later date!

We talked a lot about trousers and I am definitely going to make it a goal to make some soon! They really aren't that hard but I find ready to wear ones useless for me. I'm long waisted with tiny short legs with a small waist and big hips and thighs (not painting a pretty picture here huh?)
But I find trousers end up being low waisted with a tiny crotch depth, too big on my waist and too long! This is why i've been contemplating trousers for so long. I've decided to have a practice on some Palazzo style pj bottoms. I bought some silk a while ago at Goldhawk Road and I would like to do a muslin before using that.
Very 1930s movie star I hope! I wanna use new look 6900 perhaps the top too but i'm not sure on if I want a wrap top like the short sleeved one in 6922 or something different.
Anyway here are a few of the patterns I have for shorts and trousers in my stash...
Ok! I know the last ones a jumpsuit but I kind of really want one! What are your thoughts on Trouser making? Any Votes for any particular pattern?


  1. Hi Stevie,
    I like the new look 6229.. the pants have a simple style and to me look easier ..Would make for a great learning pattern,I think.. But which ever you decide on...good luck on your trouser making..
    also..hope your serger gets fixed soon.So hard to do with out,isnt it?
    Happy sewing. Judy

  2. Love Simplicity 2258 skirt pattern..I can see some cute skirts ,coming from this one..

  3. Trouser making is definitely not as straighforward as a skirt but well worth having a go at it. I usually wear more trousers than skirts and have made it my mission to conquer trouser making. I made a few so far, some more successful than the other but none perfect. I don't know any of the above pattern so can't recommend but really like the Simplicity Retro. Good luck!


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