Sunday, 17 July 2011

Progress... and a little on Cord

I forgot how frustrating cutting jersey is! It took me like 2 hours to cut out 1 cardi and 1 long sleeved top yesterday. I have yet to cut my beloved bunting cord. But I thought I'd answer a few questions people were asking about using needlecord fabric.

It is quite easy to sew but gets bulky very easily. I found it best to chop into it to limit bulk on corners etc,
Its a little tricky to cut but Its worth taking a bit more time and persevering!
I finished all of my seams on my overlocker but on the bulky bits it was not best pleased with me! I wonder if you didn't have an overlocker perhaps use a Hong Kong Seam to eliminate too much fabric. Don't forget you have to line it too!
Not any pics to show you so heres a few awesome cord fabrics I've seen.

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