Friday, 22 July 2011

Today has Been a Good Day...

Today I've been sewing all blissful day and its been lovely. I was feeling a little stale this morning and my plans were thrown aside as I searched for something new and fast to make to get my SewJo going again.
I came across Butterick 5211 and a beautiful silk that I won in a giveaway from Liz at Zilredloh.

There was 2.30 odd there and I didn't want to waste any! But I knew this would be a perfect pairing of a simple pattern done in exquisite fabric. Something I am rarely good at doing.
This time I feel I have pulled it off. Its not quite finished as I need to get the mental strength up to thread my overlocker.
I think it looks like something I would certainly swoon over in a store and it was about £2 to make! I was very concious of waste on this project and so have decided to do yet another Beignet.
So before I cut the precious bunting liberty, I'm going to use this silk as the lining to the apple green sateen I had planned for a different project.
I was going to use this on the Marie skirt but thats another story for another day!
Heres what I wasted in total after cutting the dress and lining.
Not bad huh? I'm feeling good about the progress and I think that I should get my green beignet cut and sewn up in a couple of days or so as I've done it once before. I just want to check the sizing as I went down two sizes as my needlecord one is pretty huge on me. But if its not right I don't want to waste my Liberty on something that is going to be too small.

I'm starting to wind down into Autumn/Fall sewing at the moment I'm finding that my choices are starting to go towards browns and greens and more autumnal colours. I am going to make myself work through my list of cardigans and tops in jersey too though as layering is always a good thing. But sadly the topsiturviness of the great British weather has put me into a state of wanting my tights and big scarves with boots again!

Now i'm off the sew the buttons on my Colette Violet shirt!

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