Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bewitched Beignet!...

I think this is a fitting title for the nightmare beignet.

Its finally finished I'm pleased with it and I hope it will actually get some wear.
After the great rip I made in it I finally re-cut the front. The buttonholes aren't the best I've ever done but the buttons cover that anyway.

Its still a little snug at the waist but I did use more seam allowance than normal plus I'm thrilled that it fits at all considering it didn't 2 months ago!
The lining is my favorite bit! Its made from the leftover silk I had from my Every Cloud dress. Its a nice little surprise that makes me smile every time I put it on!
(This pic was taken in construction)
I've used it for my Sew Weekly Halloween challenge as I am wearing it to Piemakers sister's Birthday dinner which is on Halloween.
I think it looks a lot like the cape Endora wears in Bewitched!
I absolutely loved Bewitched as a kid. It was my treat when I was at home sick from school, I loved the costumes and Endora always make me giggle! So I felt it rather fitting this be called the Bewitched Beignet!


  1. It looks fantastic so well done for preservering with it :)

  2. Love the color! Especially with the purple top.

  3. What an amazing colour! Especially with purple next to it- woo hoo!
    Well done for persevering!


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