Friday, 28 October 2011

Starting new Projects...

This has been playing on my mind. I've just finished some Christmas pressies and a pair of PJ bottoms for myself which I will post up about soon. I still have UFO's but I'm itching to start something new!

I have a few options:

My Bombshell dress - This I'm a bit apprehensive to properly start as I won't be able to wear it until summer and i'm hoping to have lost another stone at least by that point. It would be a shame to put all the work into something that will be too big. I could purposely make it a bit snug on purpose but I really don't know what my body will be like and as its so form fitting I don't really want to take the chance.
My Lady Grey Coat - This is a massive hangover from last year! I meant to make it then. I have some cheap wool to make a wearable muslin in but I spent quite a lot on 100% Jacquard wool in a lovely gold colour for the final thing. This could be a good place to start! I could learn a lot but I get massively impatient with finishing things.

Simplicity Shirt and Cynthia Rowley Dress. Both from this lovely Cherry print I have. View E of the shirt and View B in the dress.

What do you think I should start?


  1. I've just finished the bombshell dress and am intending to make it again in a more expensive fabric, however as I want to lose weight as well, I'm putting that off too. Best not to second guess what size/shape you end up being as there is nothing worse than doing alterations... I would say the same goes for the Lady Grey coat. As there is so much work involved, you want the garment to last! Best to make a quick fix like the Simplicity dress or top!

  2. You should make the Lady Grey Coat, won't that be the most useful item for you? Especially do the muslin since it will be a wearable muslin and its getting pretty damn chilly at the moment. That way you can learn about the construction, do all the tweaks you need ready for your expensive fabric, and have something to wear through the winter.


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