Monday, 10 October 2011

Sewjo Where Did You Go?...

Its true I've been having somewhat of a shocker when it comes to sewing at present. But thats not to say I haven't been doing any.

I made a muslin for a pair of Pj bottoms from New Look 6900.
I made them from some Olive Linen I have 6metres of, from a Charity shop. I was really disappointed with how small they came out! I have a much bigger butt than I thought!

I threw them into a corner in a huff but I should've known it wouldn't be quite so easy.
Ready to Wear trousers are my Nemesis. How did I expect patterns to fit any different? Plus I didn't check my current measurements with the pattern.
Overall the shape of the trousers isn't Wholly unfixable. Its just going to take some pattern drafting and more muslining.
The second not quite so dramatic disaster was my Vogue 1169 Rebecca Taylor Skirt. I am so happy with the making and the overall design of the skirt.

It fit Adele the mannequin like a glove. A bit too much it seems. When I attached the lining there was not enough stretch for it to accommodate most of my body and I managed to rip into the back seam of the lining.
Although this is disappointing it was a wearable muslin and when I've lost a bit more weight I will be able to wear it. Its just a case of waiting. Unfortunately I seem to be doing more waiting than wearing at the moment and its affecting how I feel about my sewing. I haven't finished something since my Storybook skirt and its getting me down. I think I need a refresher project to re-invigorate my sewjo.
I have also got a lot of Uni work on at the moment so my sewing time is important to use as a wind down and not wind up!


  1. Hoppe you get your sewjo back soon Stevie, you are doing so well with the weight loss... you must be dead proud of yourself. it will return with a vengeance I am sure xxx

  2. Oh dear! I am sure you will get your groove back soon - it is far too bouncy to be suppressed for long! Trouser patterns can be so deceptive - I was cutting out a HUGE wide-legged pattern last night, and only just in time decided to measure the waist before I sliced into the fabric - lucky I did because it was absolutely teeny-weeny! The leg width had lulled me into a false sense of security.

  3. lots of hugs Stevie, it's so frustrating when things go wrong!!

  4. Oh no! Something similar happened to the lounge pants I was sewing... I copied them from a pair that actually fits me, but either I messed it up or forgot to add seam allowances - they won't go over my hips now! Hmpf. Anyway, the skirt looks really nice!


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